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Headless CMS that commits

Give your editors the power of Git.
Create, edit, and instant preview Markdown-based sites.
Built for static site generators

Your site, your workflow

Write front-end code with Next.js, Hugo, Gatsby or your favorite static site generator and push to your Git repo. Forestry will pull in your commits and update the CMS.

Invite your team to create content in a friendly user interface. Their updates get committed back without merge conflicts.

Dev workflow
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Editor friendly interface

Empower your editors

Your editing team deserves a modern yet simple to use CMS. Customize each page with Forestry’s rich editing fields.

Login from your With Forestry Remote, your site will transcend static.

Your entire team is now making commits

Let your editoral team focus on writing content, while Forestry stores in Markdown, YAML or JSON and commits to your repository.
Editor workflow

Own Your Content

Don’t lock your content in a CMS database, just commit it to your Git repository.

We support public and private repositories on GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket.

Simple deployment

Host where you want

Your static site can live anywhere you want — including on Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, Netlify or Vercel.

Build amazing sites

Import your Git repository and edit within seconds.

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