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Articles by jordan-patterson

Jordan Patterson
Jordan Patterson CTO and co-founder

CTO and Co-founder of Backend developer, systems guy, father, builder of houses

Full Text Searching with Postgres

At Forestry, we use Postgres as our primary data store. In this article I’ll show you how we used tsvectorto improve searching for documents in the CMS. The tsvector Type Postgres has a data type called tsvector that is used for full text search. A tsvector value merges different variants of the same word and removes duplicates to create a sorted list of distinct words called lexemes. SELECT to_tsvector('pg_catalog.english', 'Never gonna give you up.

Forestry + GitLab

Now you can add a CMS to your static site (Jekyll or Hugo). I’ve been a GitLab user since their very first release in Oct of 2011. I worked at a design agency and converted everything over from SVN to Git and used an internal GitLab installation. I remember submitting a few bugs and Dmitriy was quick to fix them. We loved GitLab then, and still do today.

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