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Articles by Scott Gallant

Scott Gallant
Scott Gallant CEO & co-founder

Tina Cloud, the next iteration of Forestry

Over the past 14 months, we’ve been hard at work building the next iteration of Forestry CMS, Tina Cloud. We’re launching soon a public beta for Tina Cloud and are initially focused on a narrow use case to refine some UI/UX work before expanding the beta to a larger audience. This narrow use-case will target React-based sites, preferably using Next.js. Tina Cloud Tina Cloud is a headless API backend that talks to your Git repository, much like Forestry but with an open-source GraphQL API.

Announcing Tina: an open-source site-editor

Our mission at Forestry is to help people build a better web but I often cringe when I watch someone log into their CMS for the first time. There’s a mental leap as they try to map their CMS (a collection of forms) to their site (a collection of well-designed-pages). Using a CMS feels more like filing your taxes and less like editing a website. With our mission in mind, some people from our team have started a side-project that we’re excited to make public today, TinaCMS. at Jamstack Conf - San Francisco, Oct 16-18

I’m excited to be speaking at Jamstack Conf in San Francisco on Oct 16th. I’ll be speaking about the future of content management and announcing an open-source project that we’re really excited about. The inaugural event was a blast last year and it sounds like they’re taking it to the next level this year. If you’re attending this year, make sure you pop by our booth and say hi! I hope to see you there!

New Pricing

We’re excited to announce new pricing! Now, the Personal plan supports up to 3 sites and up to 3 collaborators per site. The Starter plan also supports up to sites, but is designed for larger teams who need to manage many users across their sites and branches. Finally, our Enterprise plan is designed for large organizations with special requirements. A Better Personal Plan Now we’re offering up to 3 sites and up to 3 collaborators per site on the Personal plan (Free).

Introducing Media Management

We all love working with Markdown but one of it’s biggest limitations is adding images to your content. That’s why we’re happy to announce the Media Manager. Nolan and Nichlas put a lot of work into crafting an amazing UX for this, so we hope you like it. – Media Manager Drag multiple files Handy if you have large image galleries. Manage other files Also manage non-image files like PDFs, text files, etc.

March 27th Service Outage

As some of you may have noticed, Forestry was down for about 2.5 hours between 23:00 UTC March 27 until 01:30 UTC March 28. In the spirit of full disclosure I’d like to explain what happened and why. Forestry is a Rails application and from time to time the number of migrations we have get unwieldy. Being an application under rapid development, things are constantly changing and migrations are created sometimes daily.

Customize the UI with Front Matter Templates

Does the following sound familiar? You set up a WP site, hand it off to a non-dev, and then they point to some unused part of the UI and say: “What does this do?” To which you sheepishly reply: “Oh, that doesn’t do anything…just ignore it.” A CMS often feels like a work-around, designed for some other purpose. Front Matter Templates (FMTs) FMTs allow you to customize the presentation of your UI fields in your CMS.

The New

We’re happy to announce some huge improvements to, our CMS for Jekyll and Hugo sites. Before I outline what’s new, I want to thank everyone who has been testing this while it was in beta (you know who you are). Your help was crucial and we’re going to continue to build an awesome CMS that you love. 👊 What’s new: New Editor We totally rebuilt our WYSIWYG editor (inspired by Medium. + Techstars 2016

We’re stoked to announce that is going to be part of Techstars NYC. The 90-day program runs from July until the end of September 2016. What this means for Forestry and our users: We’re going to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in New York tech We get to focus intensly on making Forestry awesome for our users. Stoked to be working 15-hour days! Over $1,000,000 in amazing “perks” (free stuff) from companies such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, Microsoft, Google, Sendgrid, etc.

Why we built Forestry

My friend, Emily, needed a simple website for her restaurant. She’s a chef and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of DNS, hosting, design, etc. As a recovering freelancer, I offered to help. Normally, I would use WordPress for a site like this, but I was fed up with the headaches that comes with maintaining a WordPress site. So, I took an evening and cranked out a simple 1-page static site.

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