Big Improvements to Front Matter Templates

Big Improvements to Front Matter Templates

We’ve got great improvements to share with you from, involving Forestry’s Front Matter Templates.

Front Matter Templates allow you to customize the UI of your front matter fields in Forestry, providing the tools necessary to create the exact CMS you need.

Improved Editing Experience,dpr_auto,f_auto,q_80,w_640/

Forestry’s Front Matter Template editor is now two-paned. A preview of your fields is on the left, giving you a realistic preview of how they will appear when editing content.

Your field types are on the right. They’re now iconized, making them much easier to parse and understand. Plus, managing fields is now a breeze as you don’t have to leave the page to set up or edit a field.

Live Template Preview,dpr_auto,f_auto,q_80,w_640/

When editing a field, the preview of the field will update live as you make changes. This means you’ll never question your set up again. You’ll see exactly what your final template will look like as you set it up.

Other Updates

  • We improved the select front matter field type to allow for leaving the select empty. This is great for optional content.

  • Renamed “field group list” field type to “repeatable field group”.

We know this will make your workflow easier and faster, and we’re excited to see how people use these tools!

Do you have a CMS for your Hugo or Jekyll site already? If so, does it work well and give your team the proper inputs, validation, and usability you want? Forestry will, so give it a try for free.