Hiring: DevOps Engineer

Devops Engineer

Forestry.io is a content management system for static websites that are built with tools like Jekyll, Hugo and Gatsby (static site generators). Developers around the world are leaving WordPress and Drupal for more secure, performant, static sites and Forestry allows their non-technical teams to manage content. Forestry takes a Git-based approach to content management. When content is edited in Forestry, all updates are saved as commits in the Git repo for that site.


  • Making sure that Forestry.io is online
  • Manage our infrastructure, suggest and implement improvements
  • Help make sure code can get to production as fast and as safely as possible
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

An ideal candidate will:

  • Have experience deploying Rails applications to a production environment
  • Have experience deploying JavaScript applications to a production environment
  • Have a desire to automate everything
  • Have many years experience working with Docker in a production environment
  • Know the difference between Kubernetes and Swarm and the strength and weaknesses of both
  • Be able to navigate the AWS product catalog like a boss, and know their core products inside and out
  • Be proficient in the English language, both written and verbal

Extra consideration will be given for candidates that:

  • Have experience with Terraform and Packer

We are open to remote candidates.

Interested candidates, please contact jobs@forestry.io