JAMstack Expert

At Forestry we’re helping people build a better web. Our JAMstack Expert’s mission is to work with our corporate clients to help them achieve success with the JAMstack. If you’re used to working with clients as a freelancer and love the JAMstack, this could be the perfect role for you.

This is a remote role, but preference may be given to candidates located in major North American cities in order to simplify travel.

We invite interested candidates to contact careers@forestry.io.


  • Work with our corporate clients to help them achieve success with the JAMstack
    • Act as an advisor when they’re choosing tools such as static site generators, continuous integration solutions, hosting providers, etc
    • Help them build sites using Forestry and the JAMstack
  • Provide email and phone support to clients
  • Enroll clients in training webinars to facilitate proficiency in Forestry
  • Document all information regarding training webinars, client communication and recommendations to clients
  • Build customer relationships and become a trusted resource to our clients

We believe a successful candidate will have:

  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • A passion for helping others succeed
  • Organizational skills and the ability to manage and respond to the needs of various clients
  • Strong interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and a reliable work ethic
  • Motivation to respond timely to customers
  • Front-end or full-stack development experience
  • Willingness to travel

About Forestry.io

Helping people build a better web.

Forestry.io is creating a Git-backed content management system (CMS) focused on the JAMstack. We’re passionate about the web and value quality engineering and design. Our HQ is located in Canada, and we have a remote-friendly culture with over 50% of our team working from around the world. We’re looking for people who want to join us in building a truly world-class company and CMS.

Each job posting has a list of things that we think will help the candidate be successful. You don’t need to be a “rockstar” at everything on day 1. In fact, humility, initiative & positive attitude are more important and we’re willing to help you acquire skills that you may be lacking. Keep that in mind when considering whether to apply.

We invite interested candidates to contact careers@forestry.io.