Hiring: User Experience (UX) Researcher

User-centric, CMS-loving, product geek.  Your role is to assist our product team and help us build the best CMS on the planet.  You want to understand how our users think, what their problems are and how to build an amazing product.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with our users to collect feedback on our product.
  2. Research the user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and developer experience (DX) of our product and other similar products.
  3. Research and explore the modern tools that developers use to build sites (static site generators, various hosting providers, CI/CD tools, themes, frameworks, etc).
  4. Communicate your research findings to the product team and work with them to create actionable recommendations for product improvements.
  5. Report to the product owner.

Characteristics we’re looking for

  • Passion for UI/UX. You love well-designed software products and study their UIs and user experiences.
  • Intellectually curious/people person. You like chatting with users to understand their problems and discover how we can improve our products to help them.
  • Clear communicator. You are able to communicate clearly and concisely
  • Team player and understand that building a successful product is a team effort.
  • Self-starter. We’re looking for people who will proactively find ways to help without requiring

Bonus points

  • You have built one or more websites in the past.
  • You have used a variety of CMSs.
  • You have trained or helped non-technical people get up and running with CMSs.
  • You have a technical understanding of modern tools that developers use to build websites (static site generators, Netlify, AWS, Git, etc.).
  • You have and maintain several websites for personal or professional projects.
  • You know how to design or code interfaces.

Sample tasks this person might find themselves doing

  • We want to build feature X, how do other systems achieve similar outcomes?  Can you summarize your findings in a doc and share it with the team?
  • Go deep with users and document their needs and problems. For example, users are saying that X feature is not working how they might expect and this is holding them back from achieving certain results.  We need someone to go deep with them, understand the problem and write a detailed ticket in asana.  Bonus points if a solution could be suggested (but will likely require input from the team).
  • Next week we’re going to plan feature X in a meeting.  Can you gather some feedback from 5 - 10 users about this, and summarize it for the meeting? Can you attend the meeting and be the voice of those users?
  • Feedback gathering:
    • Take our designer’s wireframe and run it by 3 - 5 users? Get their thoughts and deliver feedback to the product team. (turnaround time: < 24 hours).
    • Take our designer’s clickable mockups and record 3 - 5 user testing sessions (turnaround time: < 72 hours).
  • What’s the developer onboarding experience like? Can you find 3 - 5 people and watch them start from scratch, taking notes of all the friction points in the app and documentation?
  • Inform the product team about the severity and frequency of bugs.
  • User X has logged almost 200 sessions with our application. Can you schedule a call with that person to find out if they have any suggestions for ways we can improve the product or feature requests?
  • Follow up with every churned user and NPS detractor to understand why they were not satisfied.

Interested candidates, please contact jobs@forestry.io