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Category: Beyond Static

5 Ways to Handle Forms on Your Static Site

When I first started exploring the potential of static sites, I was attracted by their speed and simplicity. I knew these benefits came at a cost, however: since static sites can’t run backend code, there are limits to what you can accomplish with a static solution. I no longer see things this way. JAMStack is not about sacrificing features for the sake of a performant, easy to maintain website. Rather, it is about re-evaluating how much of your desired functionality should be delegated to your web frontend.

Snipcart Brings E‑Commerce to Your Static Site

Picture this: it’s 2018, and your client needs an online store. You know that static sites are great: they’re easy to scale, have a minimal attack surface, and are very fast. However, since a static site can’t run backend code, it won’t be able to do some things necessary for e-commerce, such as process customer orders. Can you really use a static site to operate an e-commerce storefront? Of course you can!

Automatically Publish Scheduled Posts For Your Static Site

Part of our mission at Forestry is to dissolve the perceived limitations of static sites. In reality, static sites are easy to understand and integrate with, and the belief that static sites are not capable of feature X is largely a failure of imagination. With a little cleverness and determination, virtually anything is possible on a static platform. Previously, we showed you how to set up Algolia with Jekyll as well as with Hugo to make your content searchable.