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Category: Cicd

CircleCI Followup: Deploying Via rsync

This tutorial was updated on April 3, 2018. In last week’s article, we showed you how to automate the deployment of a Hugo site using CircleCI. The example we provided used the awscli utility to deploy the results of your build process to an AWS S3 bucket. In this follow-up, we will show you how to use the rsync utility to deploy your site to any rsync-enabled server.

Automate Your Static Site Deployment with CircleCI

This tutorial was updated on April 3, 2018 to use bep/s3deploy in place of aws/aws-cli. This article is part of our on-going Frontend Friday modern web development series Tools like Hugo, Jekyll, and Gatsby have made building static sites a popular and practical choice for developers. One major disadvantage these tools have, however, is the need to regenerate and redeploy their files every time there is new content to publish.