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Category: hugo

Hugo vs Jekyll: Benchmarked

We’ve also compared Jekyll & Hugo features across 6 dimensions. Learn More Hugo and Jekyll are the leading static site generators according to, and both supported by our CMS. We’re often asked which tool performs better so we decided to do an analysis. TL;DR We ran two tests to measure build times with Hugo and Jekyll. The basic test used the default installation of Jekyll and Hugo to build sites with 10 posts,100 posts, 1,000 posts and 10,000 posts.

A Hugo Update Everyone Should Be Talking About

For Hugo users a few great updates came out recently with a long-awaited feature: nested sections. Along with nested sections, Hugo 0.22-0.24 added a series of improvements that make building websites even easier. Nested Sections, What’s The Big Deal? If you’re not familiar with Hugo, sections are the different types of content your Hugo site has. For example Posts, Pages, and Press Releases. Until Hugo 0.22, nesting sections weren’t supported as a feature, meaning you couldn’t easily have a hierarchical relationship between different types of content.

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