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March 22, 2019 docs


Enhancements Front Matter Templates: We smoothed out the creation flow for FMTs. Refresh for Updates: When important changes have been release, the CMS will now display a banner prompting the user to refresh. Focused Commits: Forestry used to do the equivalent of git add . before committing. This would occasionally result in unwanted changes being pushed to repositories. We have switched to being more explicit about which files we add to the Forestry commits.

March 15, 2019 docs

2019/03/15 Changelog

Bug Fixes Default Values: Fixed a bug where default values were not being set when creating documents. Enhancements Settings Navigation: Mobile view for Settings removes the tabs in favour of a dropdown field. Preview Errors Notification: The notification for preview errors now contains a link to our troubleshooting doc. Document Sorting: Started to persist the document sorting method between visits. Media View: Started to persist the media view preference between visits.

March 8, 2019 docs

2019/03/08 Changelog

Help us build the right thing by voting for features on our roadmap! Bug Fixes Builds: Fixed a bug where builds requiring certain versions of Ruby would fail due to an issue when installing Bundler. Creating Documents: Fixed bug that prevented the Create Document/Folder modal from being dismissed. Removals Partial Template Distinction: The “is partial” flag was originally created to help cleanup the template select boxes when creating content.

March 1, 2019 docs

2019/03/01 Changelog

We have not been updating our change log recently, but we’re getting the habit back. Here are a few of our most recent changes. Keep your eyes out for some fun stuff in the near future! Bug Fixes Sortable Lists Ordering: Fixed an issue that prevented some users from ordering items in their Sortable List fields. Error Modals: Fixed several areas where we were improperly handling errors from the server.

February 4, 2019 docs

2019/02/04 Changelog

Enhancements Commit Batching: Queued commits are now grouped together to improve processing time. Commit messages show all of the authors who contributed to a commit. Layout Settings: Moved build tab contents into the Preview tab and Deploy tab. Settings: Settings tabs are now vertical. Bug Fixes Missing Output Directory: Return a helpful error message when your site is missing its output directory. Remote Admin: Fixed an issue that would prevent admins from accessing admin-features in the remote admin.

December 18, 2018 docs

2018/12/18 Changelog

Enhancements Build Commands UI: It is now possible to edit the build commands for publishing and preview your site from inside the CMS. Go to Settings > Build to edit your configuration. Setup Checklist: In order to help users in setting up their site, we’ve added a Setup Checklist to the sidebar. This checklist guides users through the basic steps of configuring a site with Forestry. Help Banner in Settings: We’ve added a help banner to the top of the Sidebar, Media, and Deploy tabs in the Settings.

December 7, 2018 docs

2018/12/07 Changelog

Enhancements Tags Field Separators: The following keys can now be used to create tags Comma (new) Enter Tab Bug Fixes Build Commands: Fixed issue in which valid environment variables caused a warning when importing a repository. Copy Edits Front Matter Templates: Switched to labeling from “Front Matter Templates” to “Templates” in the following locations Creating Pages Changing a Page’s FMT

November 27, 2018 docs

2018/11/27 Changelog

Enhancements Quick Start: An image of the template to be imported can now be set for the Forestry Quick Start. Bug Fixes Manual Import UI Failure: Fixed a bug that caused the CMS to crash just after importing a site using manual authentication. Front Matter Images: Fixed a bug that prevented images with relative paths from showing up in front matter editor. Jekyll Date Offsets: Fixed a bug which prevented some date fields from being exported in the correct format for Jekyll sites.

October 30, 2018 docs

2018/10/30 Changelog

Enhancements Media Library Overall: So pretty 💁‍♀️ New List View: includes their name, thumbnail, and filetype. New Sidebar: Displays more info about selected files. More fun data coming soon. Markdown Editor Images: Images referenced via relative paths (e.g. ../static/cat.jpg) are now displayed. This is great for users fo VuePress.

October 18, 2018 docs

2018/10/18 Changelog

Features Duplicating Pages: Click on the “…” on a page, and create a duplicate! All fields are copied over, and the status is set to “draft”. Updates Switching Templates: Updated the behaviour when switching a page’s template: When switching to an FMT with defaults: • New fields should be set to the default • Existing fields should not be set to the default • Hidden fields should always be set to the default