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May 22, 2020 in docs

2020/05/22 Changelog

Faster page loading, easier signup, better error messages and various fixes

May 15, 2020 in docs

2020/05/15 Changelog

Copy media path, cleanup filenames, YAML by default, and bug fixes!

April 16, 2020 in docs

2020/04/16 Changelog

Markdown in template’s field description, Instant Previews upgrade, and a lot of fixes πŸŽ‰

January 24, 2020 in docs

2020/01/24 Changelog

Faster section loading and fixes on blocks and included templates πŸŽ‰

December 13, 2019 in docs

2019/12/13 Changelog

Breadcrumbs for directory sections, chars limit on text fields, less verbose commits for templates, new Hugo starter and more… πŸŽ‰

September 6, 2019 in docs

2019/09/06 Changelog

New starters for modern static site generators, various enhancements for organizations and more…