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2018/09/07 Changelog


  • Datafile Sections: Sections will now import data files (.json, .yaml, and .toml). This is a replacement for the current method of importing datafiles. Visit our docs to learn more.
    • All new sites will have this feature enabled by default.
    • Users with existing VuePress sites will also have this feature enabled.
    • Existing Jekyll and Hugo sites will continue to use the old method of importing datafiles. You may opt-in to the new importing method from the settings page for your site.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin Path: Fixed bug preventing a site’s admin path in the general settings page to be cleared.
  • Edit Template of a Document: When a document was using the default FMT of it’s section, the Edit Template link was not a valid URL.
  • Manual Import: Fixed issue that meant if you deleted a site’s ssh key and then deleted the site, you were unable to re-import that site afterwards.

Last updated on September 7, 2018