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2018/12/18 Changelog


  • Build Commands UI: It is now possible to edit the build commands for publishing and preview your site from inside the CMS. Go to Settings > Build to edit your configuration.
  • Setup Checklist: In order to help users in setting up their site, we’ve added a Setup Checklist to the sidebar. This checklist guides users through the basic steps of configuring a site with Forestry.
  • Help Banner in Settings: We’ve added a help banner to the top of the Sidebar, Media, and Deploy tabs in the Settings. These banners provide some context around these tabs purpose and links to the relevant documentation.
  • Front Matter Field Config: The form for editing a front matter field has been moved to a modal from the right panel.
  • Creating Pages: We’ve started beta testing (50%) a new flow for creating pages which lets users edit the front matter and body of a page before submission. This new flow addresses several issues:
    • Filenames: Until now we have assumed that the filename for a new page should be based on its title field. While this is often the case, not all pages have a “title” field. The new flow prompts users to manually enter a filename for a page if a “title” field is not present.
    • Form Errors: In the old flow it was possible for pages to be created that failed their front matter template’s validation. This issue could result in a site failing to build because of invalid data in a new page’s front matter. With the new flow it is no longer possible to create an invalid page.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Logo in Remote Admin: Fixed an issue which prevented SVGs custom logs from showing up in the remote admin.

Last updated on December 18, 2018