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2019/02/04 Changelog


  • Commit Batching: Queued commits are now grouped together to improve processing time. Commit messages show all of the authors who contributed to a commit.


  • Settings: Moved build tab contents into the Preview tab and Deploy tab.
  • Settings: Settings tabs are now vertical.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Output Directory: Return a helpful error message when your site is missing its output directory.
  • Remote Admin: Fixed an issue that would prevent admins from accessing admin-features in the remote admin.
  • Media: Fixed an issue where svgs without XML tag wouldn’t show up in the media library.
  • Media: Fixed an issue where media added to your repo wouldn’t immediately import into Forestry.
  • Blocks: Fixed drag and drop in nested blocks.
  • Passwords: Require password verification for in-app password reset.

Last updated on February 4, 2019