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2019/03/29 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Creating Documents: Fixed a bug which told the users that they had no FMTs if the section had no valid templates listed.
  • Validation: Fixed a widely used form validator that would sometimes blow up.


  • Timezone Settings: Added some descriptive text clarifying the purpose of the timezone in Settings > General.
  • Front Matter Templates: If a front matter template no longer exists, display a warning from the section’s template config.
  • Front Matter Templates: Display a different warning modal if a site has no templates vs if a section’s templates no longer exist.
  • User Interface: Increased the consistency of the user interface styling in a number of small ways.


  • Front Matter Template UI: We made a lot of progress this week on the new Front Matter Template forms. Improvements to errors, settings, and most of the nested fields interface.
  • Gatsby: Don’t automatically add “date” field onto new documents.

Last updated on March 29, 2019