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2019/04/29 Changelog


  • Import Azure Devops Repositories: Forestry is now supports importing from git repositories hosted on Azure Devops.


  • Default Date Prop
    • “date” fields are no longer added to new pages by default. If you want this behaviour to continue, you must add a “date” field to your front matter templates.
  • Date Picker vs Time Picker
    • We now conditionally only show the datepicker, or the timepicker based on how your display format is configured.
      E.g, if there was a time display format set, but no date display format… Only the time picker will be shown when the date field is clicked.
  • Date Export Format
    • the Export Format is now configurable for each date field. If this is not set, the format will default to its engine default.
  • FMT docs links: Added links to docs from inside each of the front matter template edit-field modals

Last updated on April 29, 2019