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2019/07/26 Changelog

Bug fixes

  • Folders synchronization: Renamed, moved and deleted folders outside of Forestry are now properly synched. Content sections will auto update after every import.
  • Instant Previews:
  • Git LFS: Fix media path and batch massive media downloads into chunks, to make sure all your media are properly showing in the media library.


  • Instant Previews:
    • A new Ruby 2.6 + Node 10 image for people using Jekyll and node packages or plugins like jekyll-assets is available through custom image, set forestryio/ruby:2.6-node10 as Docker image in advanced fields settings.`
    • Hibernation (beta): in order to save resources, preview environment will be put to sleep 2 hours after the last activity on a site, and will be automatically put out of sleep on new activity.
  • Hugo: Latest Hugo version (0.56.0) is available on site import and for Instant Previews.


  • FTP Deployments: New imported sites can not build and publish through (S)FTP anymore.

Last updated on July 26, 2019