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2019/08/06 Changelog


  • Generic import: (beta) πŸŽ‰: you can now import any Git repository containing Markdown, YAML and JSON files.
    This means you can import Eleventy, Gridsome, Next, Nuxt, Hexo, etc. websites.
  • Better search for pages and in select fields options.
    We even wrote a blog post about how Forestry does search πŸ”
  • Markdown snippets: you can now use Markdown inside your snippets files.
  • Instant Previews hibernation. πŸ’€
  • Display last sign in date for organization users.πŸ“…
  • Use latest Hugo 0.56.3

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug preventing to use Create template from Page.
  • Sanitize media filenames to prevent failed media uploads.


  • Deployments: New sites can no longer be deployed by Forestry.
    Existing sites have until the end of the year to move to a dedicated CI/CD platform. Read the sunset notice.
  • As a result, Standard Previews are also deprecated in favor of Instant Previews for new sites.
    Existing sites still using standard previews have until the end of the year to make the switch.

Last updated on August 6, 2019