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2019/08/16 Changelog


  • Conditional fields: Developers can now choose to hide front matter fields on document edition given a condition set through another toggle or select field.
  • webp files thumbnails are now shown in the media library. Please note that Safari does not support webp for now.
  • Ruby 2.6 + Node 10: a new preview environment for instant previews for projects using Jekyll and Node, needed. if you use the jekyll-assets plugin for instance. Feel free to adapt the build command according to your setup.
  • Latest Hugo 0.57.1 with cascading front matter support is already available on import.

Bug Fixes

Database maintenance scheduled this week-end

Read our status notice.

Known issues

  • Gridsome v0.6.x users have to set environment variable GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT equal to /___graphql in the preview settings, set host to “” in their Gridsome config file and make sure to run gridsome develop in a npm script for Instant Previews to work. See our Gridsome porfolio starter for reference.

Last updated on August 16, 2019