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2020/05/07 Changelog

Our team has been quite busy in the latest weeks with major architectural changes that will help our application better scale, and face our growing number of users. 💗


  • Pro customers:
    • Faster deployments of app updates
    • Set default custom Docker image and protected previews
  • Group branches in the dashboard: Branches from the same repository are now grouped, you can switch, remove, and transfer branches from a cleaner dashboard. Note: this does not change the fact that branches have to be added from your Git repository first, before being imported to Forestry.
  • Snippets per section (opt-in): Teams looking to use different snippets per section have now the possibility to group snippets by mirroring the folder structure of their sections. For example, if you only want a snippet to appear in your posts section you can create a .forestry/snippets/_posts/figure.snippet or .forestry/snippets/content/posts/figure.snippet in your repository.
  • Instant Previews: Ruby + Bundler 1 environments to prevent errors on the installation phase for projects bundled with bundler v1.x. In the advanced settings use the following images:forestryio/ruby:2.6-bundler1 or forestryio/ruby:2.6-bundler1-node10 Tip: Remove your Gemfile.lock from your Git repository and switch to our default Ruby image if you want to use our default bundler v2.x env (faster dependencies install).


  • Media: Refresh view after a media upload or deletion.
  • Hugo: Invite you to add an empty config.toml file at the root for projects using directory-based folders to bypass config check on import.
  • Netlify Large Media: Swap with the new domain
  • Yahoo! users get their invitation mail.

Thanks to all users that reported issues. Our team has planed a bug squash next week, stay tuned for more fixes and enhancements!

Stay safe!

Last updated on May 7, 2020