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2020/05/15 Changelog

A bunch of small fixes and small additions to make the editor’s life a little bit easier.


  • Copy media path: editors can now copy the relative path to a media. Select a media in the library and click copy URL.
    Pretty convenient when you need to link to a PDF file or get a media path to insert in a text field, or a shortcode for instance. 😅
  • Better search on select fields: when you type to search in a select field, it returns the expected entries without you have to type the whole file path 🕵️‍♀️
  • Cleanup media filenames: Forestry now removes all spaces and accents on a media upload, to be compatible with the CommonMark specification. Should help sites using Hugo > 0.60 that weren’t showing images with spaces in their filenames.
  • Cleanup document filenames: Spanish, Danish, Polish, French, Russian, and editors from all over the world can now safely create new documents without worrying about having accents in the generated filename.


  • Better document loading: we increased the resources available to be able to respond to the growing number of network requests.
  • YAML front matter by default: Forestry will now write YAML front matter instead of TOML when you use “other” static site generators like Pelican for instance.

Last updated on May 15, 2020