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2020/05/22 Changelog

A bunch of improvements and fixes this week to make your experience in Forestry always more enjoyable.


  • Faster document loading: we optimized the way we load pages, it should feel faster now. πŸš€
  • Password strength meter: we ask our users to pick up strong passwords or passphrases to secure their accounts. If you don’t use a password manager to help you with that, we added real-time feedback on sign up to let you know about our password requirements and make the experience smoother. πŸ”
Password strength meter to help secure your account
Congrats, your password meets our security requirements
  • Better error message for invalid front matter: we now display the filename and line number in the site activity when we detect invalid front matter. ⚠️


  • Menus: fix display of deeply nested menu items for Jekyll and Hugo

Multi-level menus in Forestry

  • Start instant previews from remote admin πŸ‘€
  • Upload images when the media path contains periods 🌁

Last updated on May 22, 2020