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2020/06/12 Changelog

Forestry CMS never felt so fast to use, while instant previews really deserve their naming.


  • Hot Module Replacement πŸš€: You can now decide if Instant Previews should do a full refresh or if you prefer to rely on your static site generator Hot Module Replacement capability. For Gatsby, Gridsome, NuxtJS or NextJS sites it will also ensure the preview stays on the currently edited page.
  • Zero config instant previews ✨: For static site generators using a default port other than 8080, you don’t need to pass any more options to your preview command: the default develop command should do. Forestry will do all the network binding behind the scene. People importing Gatsby themes from Stackbit can now use previews right away.
  • New starters: Parsa (Hugo), Minimal Mistakes (Jekyll).
  • To save precious resources ♻️ on our servers, Forestry will now archive personal sites after a long period of inactivity. You will be prompted to restore an archived site if you didn’t log or edit content for 3 months. Organization sites remain always active and are not impacted by this change.


  • Duplicate files: Forestry now names a duplicated document with the new title entered.

Last updated on June 12, 2020