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May 29, 2019 in docs

2019/06/07 Changelog

Enhancements Teams (starter plan): Allow organizations to handle teams and collaborators to better define permissions on sites. Conditional for template fields (alpha) : Choose to conditionally render a field based on the value of a sibling field. Currently only works with two field types: Bool or Select field. Page Select : Alphabetically sort Documents in the “Page Select” dropdown. Bug fixes Menus: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t turn update a menu-item to an internal link from an external link.

May 17, 2019 in docs

2019/05/17 Changelog

Bug Fixes Text Fields: When exporting front matter to YAML, Forestry now makes sure quotes are added around numbers that are in Text Fields. Note: if the number is in a Number Field it will not be wrapped with quotes. Cloudinary: Fixed an issue where uploading the same image twice would overwrite the existing image without warning. It now creates a duplicate. This matches the existing behaviour when using Git as the media storage provider.

May 10, 2019 in docs

2019/05/10 Changelog

Enhancements Front Matter Templates: removing/renaming a template via git will now delete the template from Forestry. Include Field Validation: The FMT editing form now validates that all Include Fields reference front matter template that exist. Display: When an Include field references a non-existent FMT a placeholder block will be shown to inform admins/develops of the error. Blocks Field Validation: The FMT editing form now validates that all templates listed in a Block Fields exist.

May 3, 2019 in docs

2019/05/03 Changelog

Enhancements Accessing Private Git Submodules: Forestry now exposes the public key for sites that were setup using oauth. Users experiencing issues with private git submodules can copy the public key and set it as a user/organization level key. Document List Sorting: It is now possible to switch the sorting methods between ascending and descending. Bug Fixes Formatting Dates: Fixed a bug with how some dates were exported to YAML Normalizing Front Matter: Fixed a bug that prevented fields defined in blocks, repeatable groups, and includes from being normalized.

April 29, 2019 in docs

2019/04/29 Changelog

Features Import Azure Devops Repositories: Forestry is now supports importing from git repositories hosted on Azure Devops. Enhancements Default Date Prop “date” fields are no longer added to new pages by default. If you want this behaviour to continue, you must add a “date” field to your front matter templates. Date Picker vs Time Picker We now conditionally only show the datepicker, or the timepicker based on how your display format is configured.

April 23, 2019 in docs

2019/04/23 Changelog

Enhancements Front Matter Templates UI: Multiple improvements to the front matter template editing experience, including: Reorder fields using drag-and-drop Organized field config Improved form validation Add fields at any index by hovering between fields Default Dates to “Now”: It is now possible to configure date fields to default to the current date when creating a page. “Display Fields” can be from Included templates: When choosing a display field for a template, or for a repeatable field group, you can now choose from the list of fields provided by an Include Fields.

April 18, 2019 in docs

2019/04/18 Changelog

Bug Fixes Number Field: Fix validation of number fields when min/max config are null. Select Field: New pages wouldn’t always show up in select fields Add Guests: The add guest form wasn’t being cleared on cancel

March 29, 2019 in docs

2019/03/29 Changelog

Bug Fixes Creating Documents: Fixed a bug which told the users that they had no FMTs if the section had no valid templates listed. Validation: Fixed a widely used form validator that would sometimes blow up. Enhancements Timezone Settings: Added some descriptive text clarifying the purpose of the timezone in Settings > General. Front Matter Templates: If a front matter template no longer exists, display a warning from the section’s template config.

March 22, 2019 in docs


Enhancements Front Matter Templates: We smoothed out the creation flow for FMTs. Refresh for Updates: When important changes have been release, the CMS will now display a banner prompting the user to refresh. Focused Commits: Forestry used to do the equivalent of git add . before committing. This would occasionally result in unwanted changes being pushed to repositories. We have switched to being more explicit about which files we add to the Forestry commits.

March 15, 2019 in docs

2019/03/15 Changelog

Bug Fixes Default Values: Fixed a bug where default values were not being set when creating documents. Enhancements Settings Navigation: Mobile view for Settings removes the tabs in favour of a dropdown field. Preview Errors Notification: The notification for preview errors now contains a link to our troubleshooting doc. Document Sorting: Started to persist the document sorting method between visits. Media View: Started to persist the media view preference between visits.