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March 8, 2019 in docs

2019/03/08 Changelog

Help us build the right thing by voting for features on our roadmap! Bug Fixes Builds: Fixed a bug where builds requiring certain versions of Ruby would fail due to an issue when installing Bundler. Creating Documents: Fixed bug that prevented the Create Document/Folder modal from being dismissed. Removals Partial Template Distinction: The “is partial” flag was originally created to help cleanup the template select boxes when creating content.

March 1, 2019 in docs

2019/03/01 Changelog

We have not been updating our change log recently, but we’re getting the habit back. Here are a few of our most recent changes. Keep your eyes out for some fun stuff in the near future! Bug Fixes Sortable Lists Ordering: Fixed an issue that prevented some users from ordering items in their Sortable List fields. Error Modals: Fixed several areas where we were improperly handling errors from the server.

February 4, 2019 in docs

2019/02/04 Changelog

Enhancements Commit Batching: Queued commits are now grouped together to improve processing time. Commit messages show all of the authors who contributed to a commit. Layout Settings: Moved build tab contents into the Preview tab and Deploy tab. Settings: Settings tabs are now vertical. Bug Fixes Missing Output Directory: Return a helpful error message when your site is missing its output directory. Remote Admin: Fixed an issue that would prevent admins from accessing admin-features in the remote admin.

December 18, 2018 in docs

2018/12/18 Changelog

Enhancements Build Commands UI: It is now possible to edit the build commands for publishing and preview your site from inside the CMS. Go to Settings > Build to edit your configuration. Setup Checklist: In order to help users in setting up their site, we’ve added a Setup Checklist to the sidebar. This checklist guides users through the basic steps of configuring a site with Forestry. Help Banner in Settings: We’ve added a help banner to the top of the Sidebar, Media, and Deploy tabs in the Settings.

December 7, 2018 in docs

2018/12/07 Changelog

Enhancements Tags Field Separators: The following keys can now be used to create tags Comma (new) Enter Tab Bug Fixes Build Commands: Fixed issue in which valid environment variables caused a warning when importing a repository. Copy Edits Front Matter Templates: Switched to labeling from “Front Matter Templates” to “Templates” in the following locations Creating Pages Changing a Page’s FMT

November 27, 2018 in docs

2018/11/27 Changelog

Enhancements Quick Start: An image of the template to be imported can now be set for the Forestry Quick Start. Bug Fixes Manual Import UI Failure: Fixed a bug that caused the CMS to crash just after importing a site using manual authentication. Front Matter Images: Fixed a bug that prevented images with relative paths from showing up in front matter editor. Jekyll Date Offsets: Fixed a bug which prevented some date fields from being exported in the correct format for Jekyll sites.

October 30, 2018 in docs

2018/10/30 Changelog

Enhancements Media Library Overall: So pretty 💁‍♀️ New List View: includes their name, thumbnail, and filetype. New Sidebar: Displays more info about selected files. More fun data coming soon. Markdown Editor Images: Images referenced via relative paths (e.g. ../static/cat.jpg) are now displayed. This is great for users fo VuePress.

October 18, 2018 in docs

2018/10/18 Changelog

Features Duplicating Pages: Click on the “…” on a page, and create a duplicate! All fields are copied over, and the status is set to “draft”. Updates Switching Templates: Updated the behaviour when switching a page’s template: When switching to an FMT with defaults: • New fields should be set to the default • Existing fields should not be set to the default • Hidden fields should always be set to the default

October 16, 2018 in docs

2018/10/16 Changelog

Sunsets Data Files: We changed the way we handle data files. They are now imported using contenct sections. Enhancements Deployment Logs: Forestry now collects logs from deployment and makes them available through the Notification UI. Sidebar Settings: The list of sections now contains more information about the type of section and the content it includes. Site Brand: The Forestry Logo inside the CMS now behaves like a link i.

October 11, 2018 in docs

2018/10/11 Changelog

Bug Fixes Read Only Documents: Fixed bug that broke Read Only docs when switching directly from another page. WYSIWYG Editor: Fixed bug that caused the editor to silently break when pasting multiline bold text from Word documents. Enhancements Sortable List Field: Items can now be sorted using touch on mobile.