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October 5, 2018 in docs

2018/10/05 Changelog

Bug Fixes VuePress Publishing: Fixed bug preventing publishing to VuePress sites when the build directory was not set in the config. Title Hashes: Fixed issue where having a non-string title for document would cause the document list to blow up. Improvements Sidebar Config: Improved the drag and drop experience when re-ordering sections. Performance Initial CMS Load: Removed duplicate requests that slowed the initial page load.

October 1, 2018 in docs

2018/10/01 Changelog

Bug Fixes Editor: Fix for: Readonly documents not being readonly Minor Adjustments Allow Select lists to be used as the field label in repeatable groups

September 28, 2018 in docs

2018/09/28 Changelog

Bug Fixes Editor: Fix for: having links in a table causes issues. Fix for: ordered list-items in a front matter field repeat after 0-9. Minor Adjustments Preview button links to docs in Vuepress sites. Deployment tab links to docs in Vuepress sites. Include Fields & Blocks graduate out of beta. Vuepress graduates out of beta. Importing a Vuepress site links to sidebar config settings page.

September 19, 2018 in docs

2018/09/24 Changelog

Features Publish/Preview Commands: You can now specify the commands to run when publishing and previewing your site. This is noteworthy for two reasons: Preprocess Scripts (e.g. gulp/webpack) VuePress Support Create Directories: It is now possible to create directories from inside of Forestry. This can be configured at the section level. Bug Fixes Relative Dir Config: Fixed a bug in Jekyll sites where setting the source value in the _config.

September 14, 2018 in docs

2018/09/14 Changelog

Enhancements Select Fields: If you have “Enable Datafile Sections” set, you can now hook up select-fields to read from Document Fields Bug Fixes Editor: Fixing validation on front matter fields Media: Don’t show media delete button in the add-media modal

September 12, 2018 in docs

2018/09/12 Changelog

Enhancements IPV6: Forestry now fully support for IPV6 Jekyll Previews: Improved support for users previewing Jekyll sites using Gem-based themes. Bug Fixes Markdown Editor: Fixed bug that prevented VuePress users from writing custom containers. Menus: Fixed bug that incremented menu-weights on re-saving new menu items Added horizontal scroll to menus if they overflowed off-screen

September 10, 2018 in docs

2018/09/10 Changelog

Bug Fixes Create Document Form: Fixed bug that causes the form to be reset “randomly”. Readonly Documents: No longer are locked when being viewed. Logo: Started suppressing console error that isn’t actually a problem. Menus: Fixed issue where menu item weights would sometimes get jumbled after adding a new item. Jekyll Previews: Fixed an issue which caused Jekyll previews to not open at the correct URL.

September 7, 2018 in docs

2018/09/07 Changelog

Features Datafile Sections: Sections will now import data files (.json, .yaml, and .toml). This is a replacement for the current method of importing datafiles. Visit our docs to learn more. All new sites will have this feature enabled by default. Users with existing VuePress sites will also have this feature enabled. Existing Jekyll and Hugo sites will continue to use the old method of importing datafiles. You may opt-in to the new importing method from the settings page for your site.

August 30, 2018 in docs

2018/08/30 Changelog

Enhancements Read-Only Document Sections: When read_only: true is set for a Document Section, the body of that document will be rendered into the app for display. Bug Fixes Sortable List Validation: Fixed bug which caused the min list length option to be ignored when validating sortable lists.

August 29, 2018 in docs

2018/08/29 Changelog

Enhancements Directory Sections: A new exclude glob can be set to exclude files from your directory sections. Jekyll Pages Sections: Forestry now respects the exclude field found in your Jekyll config. Block Labels: You can now label your blocks by setting the Display Field on your fmt partials. Bug Fixes Bitbucket SSH Setup: During the setup of a new Bitbucket repo, Forestry now links directly to the Bitbucket page where you can upload the SSH key.