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May 28, 2018 in docs

2018/05/28 Changelog

Features Cloudinary Support Data-file templates Data files can now use templates in the same way that pages can. Color-picker front-matter field added Text strikethrough ability added to editor OAuth login added to remote admin Enhancements Updated Groups, Group-list, and Blocks UI Configurable media paths Date fields can be displayed in UTC instead of local timezone Group-list “Add” button applies smart labels to pluralized group names (E.

April 19, 2018 in docs

2018/04/09 Changelog

Hugo Support for v0.38.1 We updated our support to Hugo v0.38.1 and below. See Hugo News Bug Fixes Documentation: Links to documentation were updated Github Authentication: Increased timeout length and added a more descriptive message on timeout Import: Fixed a bug that prevents a complete list of repositories being listed for Bitbucket users Import: Fixed a bug that prevents import if the config filename was provided in the import path Media: White images can now be detected in the Media Library Notifications: Team members of an Organization now receive notifications without having to refresh the page Redirect: Removing a site from an Organization does not redirect to My Sites anymore UI: Fixed cropping of icons in CMS sidebar UI: Added a more descriptive explanation to the repo step in the starter template flow User Roles: Manage Guests is now unavailable to Guests of a particular site

January 29, 2018 in docs

2018/02/09 Changelog

This week we have a short changelog, but keep an eye out as we prepare to release some improvements from the wood shop! Enhancements New Demo Site: Our demo site was pretty crufty, so we replaced it with a site that’s setup to better show off Forestry. Source Code Try out the demo!

January 29, 2018 in docs

2018/02/02 Changelog

Bug Fixes Front Matter Groups: Fixed a regression which prevented front matter groups from rendering inside data files. Import from Gitlab: Fixed an issue that prevented importing from Gitlab if a legacy ssh key existed. Import site from subdirectory (Gitlab): Fixed issue preventing the import of sites in subdirectories from Gitlab repositories. Security Update Mixpanel Patch: A security vulnerability was discovered in the Mixpanel javascript libraray. They released a patch to handle this vulnerability and we upgraded immediately.

January 29, 2018 in docs

2018/01/29 Changelog

Bug Fixes Front matter template: Fix for hidden fields showing in field groups or repeatable field groups. Front matter template: Front matter templates can create a duplicate upon saving. Pages: Clarified copy surrounding unsaved changes on a document. Pages: Linking to a page that a teammate is editing is now handled properly. Pages: Deleting a page from the page form no longer shows “Connection Lost” modal. Editor: Fixed issue with emphasis and code deleting the next character.

January 9, 2018 in docs

2018/01/09 Changelog

Bug Fixes Front matter template: fix for editing/unediting FMT fields didn’t always update the UI git deploy settings: Clarified copy surrounding the Deploy on Git Push feature. inline code: input rule for inline code no longer marks up the previous character.