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About Organizations

Organizations are available from our starter plan.

Organizations enable you to manage groups of users across multiple sites. Teams or individuals within an organization can have their access levels applied on a per-site basis.

Create an Organization

You can create an organization on your dashboard by clicking on Create Organization in the left sidebar. Once you have filled in your information and named the organization, you can proceed by clicking Create.

The Organization that you have created will now show up underneath My sites in the left sidebar. You can access the organization’s sites and settings by clicking on the Organization.

Organization settings

Depending on your role in this organization, your dashboard may vary. Please read more about different organization roles to learn what your assigned role allows you to do.

Manage Users

It’s in your organization settings, that you add users and define their roles.

To add a new user to your organization, click Add User, then enter the email, and set if this person should be an owner or a member or the organization.

Add User to organization

We will automatically update your plan and billing when you add more than 5 users in your organization.

When you remove users from your organization by clicking on the icon at the upper right, your plan will adjust accordingly.

Organization Roles

Users in an organization can be assigned one of two roles:

  • Members can add sites within the organization (once they have been assigned as collaborators)
  • Owners have total access control within the organization. This includes adding/removing organization members, modifying teams, accessing billing and deleting the organization. Owners also automatically have admin access-level on all of the organization’s sites.
Member Owner
Create new site ✔️ ✔️
Admin access to all sites ✔️
Manage Members and Teams ✔️
Access Billing ✔️
Delete Organization ✔️


Once you have added some members to an organization, you can create teams. These teams can be applied to sites to group team members’ permissions.

Create Teams

Click on Add Team button to add a new team to an organization, then enter the desired team name and click Create.

Add Team to organization

Click on a team name to manage its members, you can now pick existing orgnization members and add them to one or more team.

Add Teams to sites

Teams can be added to each site from within the Site Settings

Last updated on May 27, 2019