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Why did Forestry edit my files?

Developers hate when people mess with their code. So Forestry tries to do this as little as possible but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Front Matter

Forestry will remove comments and other formatting from front matter, and will also reorder your fields alphabetically. This is unfortunately unavoidable, as comments and order are not respected in the YAML or TOML specifications.

New Lines

New lines will be normalized so that all line endings are the same. This can make it look like your content was changed when all you did was edit your front matter.

Config Files

If you are using Hugo, your config file will be changed if you update the Site Params. Site Params are the params that are stored in your config file. It will also be updated when you edit menus.

When using Forestry’s Menus feature, any internal page or post that is used in the menu will be updated with the front matter data related to the menu.

Any external link that is added to menus will be added to your Hugo config file, or Jekyll menus.yml data file.

Last updated on June 11, 2020