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Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice where developers check-in code to a version control tool multiple times per day. Each time code is checked-in, an automated build is performed, allowing developers to identify problems with code quickly.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a development practice where developers produce software in short cycles, ensuring that software can be easily released at any time. This ensures that developers are producing quality code and are identifying problems quickly.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Continuous Deployment (CD) is a development practice where any change to software is automatically deployed to a production or staging environment. This allows for real-world testing and enables more rapid delivery.

CI/CD Tools

CI/CD tools like GitLab CI allow developers to configure jobs or tasks to be performed automatically as changes are checked into version control.

Common benefits of CI/CD tools for static sites are:

  • Automated static site builds
  • Automated website testing
  • Automated deployments to multiple environments

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Last updated on June 11, 2020