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Static Site Generators

Static Site Generators are developer tools that convert various data formats into static sites.

These data formats are generally content files stored in a Git repository. They can also be data pulled from third-party services.

  • Gatsby is a web application framework based on react created by Kyle Mathews.
  • NextJS is a react framework with static export options developed by Vercel
  • Jekyll is the static site generator written in Ruby and created by GitHub founder, Tom Preston Werner.
  • Hugo is the static site generator written in Golang and created by Steve Francia and developed by Bjørn Erik Pedersen.
  • NuxtJS, a VueJS application framework created by Sébastien Chopin.
  • Eleventy a simple static site generator written in JavaScript by Zach Leatherman
  • Grisdome is a web application Vue.js framework for static websites developed by Hans-Jørgen Vedvik.
  • VuePress is the Vue-powered static site generator created by Evan You.

Forestry allow you to edit Markdown, YAML, JSON files, no matter the SSG used.

For a complete list of static site generators, head over to StaticGen.

Last updated on June 11, 2020