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Introduction to Forestry for Content Managers

Forestry is a modern CMS (content management system) for websites. It powers websites of all sizes from portfolios to blogs, marketing websites, eCommerce sites, and enterprise websites.

Why Choose Forestry Over Something Else?

Forestry powers sites built using static site generators. This is important because Static Sites — the sites a static site generator creates — are much faster and performant, are more mobile-friendly, and so much easier to maintain.

Existing solutions like Wordpress are not static, they are what we call dynamic. Dynamic sites work much differently, and are not suitable for most websites.

A great example is as follows: imagine every time you went to the library and asked to borrow a book, they had to go to the computer, get the content, print every single page, glue the pages to the binding, and illustrate the cover of the book. That would take a long time.

Every page a visitor requests from a dynamic site requires essentially the same process, whereas a static site is like a regular library. The site has already been made, we just need to give it to you.

Unless you have a site with drastically different content for every visitor (for example, Amazon), a dynamic site is simply overkill.

That’s where Forestry comes in. You get to manage your content with a great CMS, your developers build a static site, and your visitors get an extremely fast and performant website!

Managing Content

Forestry creates a custom CMS specific to your site, and provides an interface for editing your content that is both familiar and innovative.

We have an in-depth guide to editing content with Forestry.

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