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A guide to getting started with Forestry

Setting Up Your First Site

Before you can begin using Forestry’s CMS, you need to first import a site built using Jekyll or Hugo for us to build your custom CMS around.

If you don’t have a site already, don’t worry! We have options for importing example sites, as well as a “demo” site to get you started.

Create your account

If you haven’t already, create your Forestry account. Upon signing up, you will be presented with options for setting up your first site.

Importing from a Git Repository

The best way to get started with Forestry is to import your own Jekyll or Hugo site from an existing Git Repository.

Importing your site from Git means:

  • When you make changes in the CMS, we’ll commit them back to the repository. This means free backups!
  • Developers can continue to work in their environment, and as changes are pushed to Git we’ll update the CMS to reflect this.
  • You’ll own all of your content in your repository.

We believe giving you ownership of your content is really important.

Importing from zip

Another option for getting started with Forestry is uploading a zip archive of your entire project.

Importing your site with a Zip file means:

  • When you make changes in the CMS, we store them on our server. This means no backups.
  • Developers can continue to develop the theme, but they must re-import the site in zip format each time.
  • You still own your content, as we allow you to download your updated source code at any time. See backups for more information

Importing the demo

The final option is importing a Forestry demo site. This is a fully-functioning demo that can be set up to deploy to an external location, and allows you to preview all of the functionality of Forestry.

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