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Jekyll Plugins

Jekyll allows you to add Gem-based plugins using your Gemfile. This allows you to add things like CoffeeScript preprocessing.

Installing Plugins

Forestry supports all third-party Jekyll plugins, and installs them in the same manner they are installed in your local environment.

Installation generally has three steps:

  1. Add the plugin to your Gemfile. If you do not have a Gemfile, you must create one in your project root.

    source ''
    gem 'jekyll'
    group :jekyll_plugins do
      gem 'jekyll-menus'
  2. You must also add the plugin to the gems array in your Jekyll _config.yml.

    - jekyll-menus
  3. Install the plugin and run Jekyll by running the following commands:

    $ bundle install
    $ bundle exec jekyll serve

Note: depending on the plugin, additional configuration may be required. Please read each plugin’s documentation carefully.

Further Reading

Last updated on July 24, 2017