Managing Content Edit on GitHub

Adding, removing, and publishing your content

Forestry allows you to manage all of your different types of content. These are separate pages in your CMS that allow you to view all of your drafted and published content for that type of content. You can find these under “content” in the sidebar of your CMS.

Managing your content

Forestry allows you to manage and edit your content from these list views.

We allow you to:

  • Add new content
  • Delete content
  • Edit existing content
  • Publish content
  • Unpublish content (set them as drafts)
  • Search your content

Note: depending on your site configuration, some published pages may not appear in your built site if the date field is set in the future. For more information, see Jekyll’s or Hugo’s docs on drafts.

Searching content

Forestry allows you to search for specific pieces of content by name. When searching, you will only receive results for the content type you are currently viewing.


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