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Using Instant Previews

When using Instant Previews, managing the preview server is done independently from previewing content. To access the preview server controls, navigate to Settings > Previews.,dpr_auto,f_auto,q_80,w_640/
Preview server controls

Server Status

The Instant Preview server may be in one of several states:

Status Description
Disabled Instant Previews are disabled. Standard Previews will be used instead.
Stopped The preview server is stopped.
Starting The preview server is starting up.
Ready The preview server is running the Build Command
Stopping The preview server is shutting down.
Hibernating The preview server is going into hibernation.
Error The an error occurred while running the preview server.

Server Actions

Depending on the state of your preview server, several server actions will be available,

Action Description
Start Starts the stopped preview server.
Stop Stops running preview server.
Restart Stops the running server and restarts it immediately.
Clear Cache & Restart Clears the repository and dependency cache before restarting the server.

Reading the Server Logs

The lifecycle of a preview server contains multiple steps. Each step has a status indicator, name, and some logs.

Common preview steps include:

Setup Step Description
Loading Repo Files Imports the site repository and mounts it to the container.
Installing Dependencies Runs the Install Dependencies Command if it was set. Dependencies will be loaded from cache if it exists.
Saving Preview Cache Caches the repository and any installed dependencies.
Building Site Executes the Build Command to start serving your preview.

Last updated on June 28, 2019