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Include Template

The Include Template field type allows you include fields that you have already specified in another front matter template.

This can be useful for organizing your front matter and consolidating frequently-used fields: for example, including an seo front matter template that contains description, keyword, and thumbnail data.


  • General
    • Label — the human-friendly label shown above the input field in the editor
    • Namethis field is not used for this field type
    • Description — a human-friendly description of what the field does and/or instructions for your editors
    • Hidden — hides the filed in the editor; but allows developers to set default values or maintain the field for legacy purposes.
    • Template — the front matter template whose fields you wish to include.
Be careful not to include a template that would eventually include the current template.

Config Files

You can configure this field in Front Matter Template Config Files as follows:

type: include
template: seo   # The slug of the included front matter template
label: SEO
name: seo


  1. Create a new front matter template, let’s name it “seo” and add the needed fileds, for instance: title, description, image, permalink, etc.

Define an SEO front matter template

  1. In another front matter template, insert an include field and choose the “seo” template.

Select the include template in the field settings

  1. Now your main front matter template contains the included template.

A front matter template with an include template

  • You can pickup a field from an include template as the display field in the main front matter template settings.

  • The user interface and file output are flat, your front matter looks exactly the same as if you don’t use an include template.

Last updated on April 23, 2018