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Sortable List Field,dpr_auto,f_auto,q_80,w_640/

A list of values with drag & drop reordering.


  • General
    • Label — the human-friendly label shown above the input field in the editor.
    • Name — the key stored in your content’s front matter, used to access it in your templates.
    • Description — a human friendly description of what the field does and/or instructions for your editors.
    • Hidden — hides the field in the editor, but allows developers to set default values or maintain the field for legacy purposes.
  • Widget
    • Text/Select — toggles the sortable list to allow text input, or to restrict options to a select field
  • Validation
    • Minimum — the lowest number of items that must be added to this field.
    • Maximum — the highest number of items that can be added to this field.


You can access this field in your templates using the field’s name:


<p>{{ delimit .Params.ingredients ", " }}</p>
Display a comma delimited string using the delimit filter.
{{ range .Params.ingredients }}
  <li>{{ . }}</li>
{{ end }}


<p>{{ page.ingredients | array_to_sentence_string }}</p>
Display a comma delimited string using the array_to_sentence_string filter
  {% for ingredient in page.ingredients %}
    <li>{{ ingredient }}</li>
  {% endfor %}

Config Files

You can configure this field in Front Matter Template Config Files as follows:

type: list
name: [String]
label: [String]
description: [String]
hidden: [true|false]
- [String]
  use_select: [true|false]
  min: [int]
  max: [int]


type: list
name: ingredients
label: Ingredients
description: Provide ingredients for this recipe
hidden: false
- 1 cup water
  use_select: false
  min: 1
type: list
name: members
label: Team members
description: Pick up some members
  use_select: true
  min: 1
  max: 5
    type: simple
  - Dan
  - DJ
  - Frank
  - James
  - Jeff
  - Jordan
  - Mitch
  - Nolan
  - Scott
See the select field documentation for configuring the select when config.use_select is set to true

Last updated on June 11, 2020