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⚠️ Forestry will no longer perform deployments after January 31st, 2020

Back in August, we started removing support for deployments (FTP, GitHub Pages, Amazon S3) on all newly created sites.

Deployments will continue to work for existing sites until January 31st, 2020; we strongly encourage people still relying on this feature to move to dedicated deployment services as soon as possible.

There are plenty of choices, amongst them:

Deploy with Buddy Works

Deploy with Circle CI

Deploy with GitHub Actions

Deploy with Netlify

Deploy with Zeit Now

Why this change?

Only a small percentage of our users made use of Forestry deployments. For those users, we spend a lot of effort ensuring build and deployments work. We now prefer to focus on our core features like content modeling, performance, stability, editing experience, etc. Plus, dedicated services are doing a far better job at deployment and allow for scheduled jobs for instance; we think our users will be better off using those services.

Even if the current option has served you well until now, we think it’s a smart move for everyone.

Last updated on August 7, 2019