Choose Plan


$ 0 Per month
  • 1 User
  • Community support
  • Git sync
    GitHub, GitLab, etc.
  • Automatic build & deploy
  • Host anywhere
    Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, FTP, etc.
  • 100% Jekyll plugin support
  • Preview in staging environment

Small team

$ 9 Per month
  • Features from Personal plan with:
  • 3 users
  • Forestry Remote
    Access your CMS from
  • Hosting included (beta)

Large Team

$ 29 Per month
  • Features from Small Team plan with:
  • 7 users
  • Business hour support


$ _ Per month
  • Teams with special requirements
  • Large teams
  • Enterprise support
  • Better user management
  • Manage multiple sites
  • On-premise version
14-day free trial on all paid plans.


Is hosting provided?
Hosting is only provided for paid plans (but it's optional). You can provide your own hosting and Forestry will deploy your site when changes are made.
What is a user?
A user is anyone who has access to your site in Forestry (a developer, a content editor, etc).
Do I need to configure my project?
No configuration needed. Forestry will parse your project and automatically build your CMS.
Is pricing per site?
Yes, pricing is per site and is billed monthly. To support multiple sites, please contact us.
What is Forestry Remote?
Forestry Remote allows you to install the Forestry CMS on your site ( via a single html file. No updates required.
What is Automatic build & deploy?
Forestry will watch your repo and automatically deploy your site whenever you commit an update (this is optional).