A simple CMS for Jekyll and Hugo sites

Built for devs who hate bloat

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How it works

Import Project

Connect to a repo or upload a zip of your Jekyll/Hugo project

Build CMS

Forestry.io will parse your project and automatically build a CMS.


Connect to your host to publish your changes. If you use Git, updates are also committed to your repo.


Let non-coders edit

Forestry.io CMS Git Support

Give non-devs a GUI

Updating your site from Forestry will: 

  • Commit changes to your repo
  • Compile & deploy to your host (optional)
Forestry.io CMS Git Support

While you use Git

If you use Git, Forestry.io will watch your repo for changes and pull them in. So you can push code, while your editors are using the CMS.

Currently supporting GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket

100% Jekyll Plugin support

Use Jekyll plugins? No problem! Forestry will build and deploy your site based on the plugins specified in your Gemfile.

Forestry.io CMS Git Support

Deploy anywhere

Forestry is host-agnostic. Everytime an update is made via your CMS, Forestry will compile your site and deploy it to your host (S3, GitHub Pages, FTP, etc).

Forestry.io CMS Git Support

Zero setup time

No configuration needed. Just upload your site and Forestry will automatically build your CMS in seconds.

A hosted CMS

Forestry is a hosted CMS. No need to install or maintain any bloated software.

Don't lock to a CMS

No configuration and you're not locked into hosting. Forestry is a GUI that doesn't interfere with your site.

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