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Articles by Sebastian Engels

Sebastian Engels
Sebastian Engels Head of Marketing & Growth

Announcing Image Handling with S3 🖼️ + Update Billing Contact Information 💵 and more

Happy New Year! We’re starting into 2019 with an exciting new feature. Today we can announce support for S3 as an image storage provider for Forestry. The S3 integration makes it possible to efficiently store, organize and deliver images while keeping the editing experience in Forestry simple and clean. Editors, marketers and writers can continue to use the Forestry Media Library without even knowing that they are using S3 in the backend.

Block Labels 🔖, Read-Only Docs 📝😍 and More

Last week we added a bunch of features to make your life a little easier! You are shaping Forestry every day with your feedback and this is exactly what happened with this improvement. You made us aware that Blocks can get hard to navigate when you add the same Block multiple times. To make this easier you can now add a display_field to label your Blocks. We believe the best way to explain intricate settings or features is documentation right at your fingertips.

Support for VuePress

VuePress support is here! 🎉🎉🎉 Support for Static Site Generators (SSGs), beyond Jekyll and Hugo, was on our roadmap for a while now. In fact, Jordan mentioned adding other SSGs to Forestry back when our first beta was leaked on Producthunt two years ago. Why did you make us wait? We love to create a great content management experience and make an app that is as easy-to-use for developers as it is for editors.

Snippets, Custom Content Sections and More

I’m happy to announce some new features today! ☀️ Long awaited, our Snippets feature is finally here. Our Hugo users felt especially strong about using Hugo’s powerful Shortcodes feature in Forestry. You can now add HTML snippets to your Markdown Editor whether you’re using Hugo or Jekyll. Moreover, the team has continued to improve the sidebar. We added advanced configuration of content sections so you can control the structure of your content in Forestry.

Customize Your Sidebar and Limit Front Matter Templates to Sections

Another week full of new features! While the marketing team launched the Blocks theme uBuild for Jekyll and Hugo, the development team kept working on new product features. Making the sidebar configurable was really high up on your wish list and this week we made it happen. Some of you also wanted to limit access to Front Matter Templates to specific content sections. You can do that now, too.

uBuild: A New Jekyll Theme Using Blocks

Back in April we announced a feature that we believed was a game-changer for static site content managers. Blocks was here to introduce a way for you to put together sites using pre-composed site snippets inside Forestry. While we did our best to show you how to set them up and give you an idea of how powerful they could be, we noticed that getting to know Blocks and figuring out how to set them up from scratch wasn’t as self-explanatory as we had hoped.

Hugo Support for All Versions, Sorting for Pages and more

We just made a big change to how we handle Hugo projects and introduced a few new features that make it easier to stay organized. Hugo Support for All Versions 🔥🔥🔥 Hugo has a great developer community that is constantly pushing new versions out. Until now you sometimes had to wait a few months until you were able to use the latest version of Hugo with Forestry as we were trying to catch up.

Renaming Files and Improving Editing in a Team

Over the past couple weeks, we were hard at work to improve the editor experience for our Git-backed content manager. Renaming files is just one of those updates. We also needed to improve notifications and indicators to make working in a team on Forestry easier. Renaming Files ✍️ Freshly out — you can now change the name for your content files with Forestry. Jekyll and Hugo take the filename to create the default URL paths, so editors can now easily change the URL path with this new feature.

Cloudinary Integration, Data File Templates and Other Features

Image Transformation and Responsive Image Delivery Today we’re proud to announce an easy way to optimize your image delivery with a Cloudinary integration for Forestry. As a developer you can now use the super fast Cloudinary CDN and store your assets outside your repository. While at the same time your editors can use Forestry’s Media Library and Editor to upload and manage Cloudinary assets without even knowing it. It’s as simple as adding your cloud name, API key and secret to your site’s settings to get started.

Blocks - Give Your Editors the Power to Build Pages

Today we introduce Blocks - a powerful Field Type that enables your editors to build entire landing pages from scratch and create rich blog post layouts with a pre-defined code template, we call it a Block Template. This feature was inspired by CraftCMS’ Matrix fields and the Wordpress Plugin Advanced Custom Fields. What is Blocks? Blocks is a Field Type that is made up of multiple templates, so-called Block Templates.

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