Announcing Tina: an open-source site-editor

Announcing Tina: an open-source site-editor

Our mission at Forestry is to help people build a better web but I often cringe when I watch someone log into their CMS for the first time. There’s a mental leap as they try to map their CMS (a collection of forms) to their site (a collection of well-designed-pages). Using a CMS feels more like filing your taxes and less like editing a website.

With our mission in mind, some people from our team have started a side-project that we’re excited to make public today, TinaCMS.

Tina is not a CMS, in that, it’s not a separate system for managing content. Instead, it’s a intuitive JavaScript user interface that lives on your site and gives you editing capabilities as you browse. It’s in-context editing.

If you’re logged into a site using Tina, you’ll see a floating edit icon as you browse. Click that icon to edit content and update your site in real-time.

Why did we do this?

The CMS editing experience hasn’t changed much in the last decade. Essentially, every CMS is a customizable collection of web forms. On the other hand, the editing experiences of DIY tools like Squarespace, Medium, Webflow, and Cargo have become much more sophisticated. Tina is our way of laying the foundation of what will be the future of content editing. Our goal with Tina is to launch early, gauge interest, and watch the community grow. If it meets our expectations, we’ll likely build it into the roadmap of and someday you may have the option to edit your Forestry site with Tina.

Tina currently works with React-based static sites (Next.js, Gatsby, Create React App, etc). However, we have plans to grow beyond those tools. Reach out to learn more.

Watch the announcement

Conclusion is still our main focus and passion but our team will continue to cultivate and grow the community for Tina. If you’re excited about this project and want to get involved:

  1. Star the project on GitHub
  2. Read the docs
  3. Add Tina to a NextJS site
  4. Add Tina to a Gatsby site
  5. Gatsby Blog starter
  6. Gatsby Grande starter

Let us know what you think. Happy editing!