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We’re a small, growing team, headquartered in Canada with roughly half our staff working remotely from North America and Europe. We take our time hiring, and we hire for the person, not simply for the role. We’re a diverse team that values collaboration, respect and empathy. We strive to reflect those values in our hiring process.

Our Hiring Process

Our process involves multiple steps, the first being an introductory chat to gauge mutual interest and gain clarity into each other’s needs and expectations. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll schedule a “Life Story” interview. Our goal in this step is to learn what you value, what motivates you, and how you’ve grown into the person you are today. After getting to know you better, we then hold a series of interviews with various team members with the goal of examining the depth and breadth of your skill set. We like to think about your skills and areas for potential growth both in the context of the role and in the broader context of our company as a whole. In the last step, we’ll have a diverse group of people review and discuss our applicants before making a decision.

Software Engineer (React/Rails)

At Forestry, we’re helping people build a better web. Our Software Engineer’s mission is to help build a CMS for the next era of the web. If you’re aligned with our mission, enjoy solving complex problems, and like shipping features with a cross-functional team, this could be the perfect role for you. We are looking for an engineer who can have an impact across our stack -from our React front-end to our Rails back-end, with more emphasis on the front-end. In depth experience with both frameworks is not required, but the more experience with these or similar frameworks, the better. We strive to create a workplace that enables mastery, autonomy, and purpose (from Daniel Pink’s work). This is a remote role.