Software Engineer

Full-Time • Charlottetown, PE is a small team, led by engineers, and based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We are hiring a software engineer to help us build a Content Management System for the next generation of websites.

We’re taking a developer-centric approach to content management by supporting modern tools like Git, Hugo and Jekyll.

What You Will Do

  • Develop a CMS that will allow our customers to build and edit the world’s best websites

  • Improve and maintain the codebase (fix bugs, refactor, optimize)

  • Build internal tools for our sales and marketing teammates

Our Team Style

  • We work collaboratively to grow and learn together

  • We work to continuously improve our process and effectiveness as a team

  • We are not afraid of hard problems, but are pragmatic about what we spend time on

  • We deliver new functionality frequently to our users

Technologies We Use

  • Docker, AWS, Go, Ruby, Node

  • Postgres, Redis

  • React.js, Redux, TypeScript

  • Sentry, CircleCI

  • Slack and Git

Required Skills

  • Communication skills. We work closely together and keep each other in-the-loop with our progress on a daily basis.

  • Excellent practical judgement. You should know how to effectively allocate your time when solving hard problems.

  • Ability to move between backend and frontend code, supporting all engineers on the team

  • Experience with or ability to learn the technologies we use.

  • Ability to take complex product goals and break them down into logical, deliverable pieces.

How to apply

Please submit a resumé, code samples and responses to the questions below to

Note When submitting code samples, be sure to tell us what code to look at. Don’t just send a link to your GitHub profile.

In the email with your resume and code samples, please answer the following questions in a few sentences or less (each):

  • What is your favourite open source project and why?

  • Tell us about your most satisfying computer-related achievement?

  • If you decided to leave programming, what would you do for work?