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Category: CMS

Improved Collaboration & More

Document Locking & Collaboration To prevent accidental overwrites and the tango of content editing, we’ve added in a locking feature to your content and data files. If you attempt to edit a page another user is editing, you’ll get a notification. We’ve also made collaboration more powerful by making drafts shared. If you make changes to a document without publishing, the rest of your team will see these changes when they view the page.

Announcing Layout Improvements

We’ve been hard at work this month at, focusing on improving the editing experience and overall usability of the application and we’re excited to announce that it’s already here! We’ve got 3 updates to share with you that will make using Forestry much more enjoyable. New Editor & Layout Improvements We’ve built a new editor that makes editing your content much easier and so much more enjoyable. We’ve also improved the app’s UI altogether.

3 Reasons Why Our New Editor Is Our Best Static Site Editor Yet

For the past few weeks, Nichlas and Nolan have been hard at work on the Forestry content editor. We wanted to make the easiest-to-use, most configurable static site content editor ever built. With their hard work, we now have some big improvements to share that get us that much closer. We’ve built a new and improved editor that makes managing your site easier and more effective than ever before. Both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Introducing Media Management

We all love working with Markdown but one of it’s biggest limitations is adding images to your content. That’s why we’re happy to announce the Media Manager. Nolan and Nichlas put a lot of work into crafting an amazing UX for this, so we hope you like it. – Media Manager Drag multiple files Handy if you have large image galleries. Manage other files Also manage non-image files like PDFs, text files, etc.

March 27th Service Outage

As some of you may have noticed, Forestry was down for about 2.5 hours between 23:00 UTC March 27 until 01:30 UTC March 28. In the spirit of full disclosure I’d like to explain what happened and why. Forestry is a Rails application and from time to time the number of migrations we have get unwieldy. Being an application under rapid development, things are constantly changing and migrations are created sometimes daily.

Customize the UI with Front Matter Templates

Does the following sound familiar? You set up a WP site, hand it off to a non-dev, and then they point to some unused part of the UI and say: “What does this do?” To which you sheepishly reply: “Oh, that doesn’t do anything…just ignore it.” A CMS often feels like a work-around, designed for some other purpose. Front Matter Templates (FMTs) FMTs allow you to customize the presentation of your UI fields in your CMS.

The New

We’re happy to announce some huge improvements to, our CMS for Jekyll and Hugo sites. Before I outline what’s new, I want to thank everyone who has been testing this while it was in beta (you know who you are). Your help was crucial and we’re going to continue to build an awesome CMS that you love. 👊 What’s new: New Editor We totally rebuilt our WYSIWYG editor (inspired by Medium.

Forestry + GitLab

Now you can add a CMS to your static site (Jekyll or Hugo). I’ve been a GitLab user since their very first release in Oct of 2011. I worked at a design agency and converted everything over from SVN to Git and used an internal GitLab installation. I remember submitting a few bugs and Dmitriy was quick to fix them. We loved GitLab then, and still do today.

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