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2018/01/29 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Front matter template: Fix for hidden fields showing in field groups or repeatable field groups.
  • Front matter template: Front matter templates can create a duplicate upon saving.
  • Pages: Clarified copy surrounding unsaved changes on a document.
  • Pages: Linking to a page that a teammate is editing is now handled properly.
  • Pages: Deleting a page from the page form no longer shows “Connection Lost” modal.
  • Editor: Fixed issue with emphasis and code deleting the next character.
  • Media: Fixed issue where you couldn’t click “Insert Media” button at certain resolutions.
  • Search: Fixed issue where search continued after you left the search bar.
  • Search: Fixed issue where you couldn’t see the cursor on the media library.
  • Notifications: Notification list now receives updates while open.
  • Notifications: Fixed issue where you would need to click notifications button twice to open modal.
  • Remote Admin: Fixed remote admin login issues.
  • Firefox: Fixed Firefox layout issues where you couldn’t click certain elements.
  • Layout: Fixed issue where changing route didn’t always update the current screen.
  • Media: Hide the “change media upload folder” link for editors.


  • Logo: Updated forestry logo.
  • Hosting: Set “Commit to source” to be the default option when setting up a site.

Last updated on January 29, 2018