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2018/04/09 Changelog

Hugo Support for v0.38.1

We updated our support to Hugo v0.38.1 and below. See Hugo News

Bug Fixes

  • Documentation: Links to documentation were updated
  • Github Authentication: Increased timeout length and added a more descriptive message on timeout
  • Import: Fixed a bug that prevents a complete list of repositories being listed for Bitbucket users
  • Import: Fixed a bug that prevents import if the config filename was provided in the import path
  • Media: White images can now be detected in the Media Library
  • Notifications: Team members of an Organization now receive notifications without having to refresh the page
  • Redirect: Removing a site from an Organization does not redirect to My Sites anymore
  • UI: Fixed cropping of icons in CMS sidebar
  • UI: Added a more descriptive explanation to the repo step in the starter template flow
  • User Roles: Manage Guests is now unavailable to Guests of a particular site

Last updated on April 19, 2018