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2018/05/28 Changelog


  • Cloudinary Support
  • Data-file templates
    • Data files can now use templates in the same way that pages can.
  • Color-picker front-matter field added
  • Text strikethrough ability added to editor
  • OAuth login added to remote admin


  • Updated Groups, Group-list, and Blocks UI
  • Configurable media paths
  • Date fields can be displayed in UTC instead of local timezone
  • Group-list “Add” button applies smart labels to pluralized group names
    • (E.g “Add Person” to a people group-list )
  • Added info icons next to front matter field types
  • Code-block input rules can take a language
  • Front matter wysiwyg now supports Markdown
  • Removed HTML wysiwyg
  • Media settings moved to its own tab
  • “Save” Button shows feedback when saving
  • Show Modal when navigating to a page with unsaved changes

Bug Fixes

  • Blocks:
    • Blocks left aligned in all browsers
    • Fixed validation errors when saving empty blocks group
    • Wrap error messages
  • Media:
    • Clearer errors when uploads fail
    • Fix for: cant see white images
  • Group lists:
    • Validation fixes for malformed values
  • Organizations:
    • Logo links back to the site’s organization instead of to “My Sites”
  • Date Picker
    • Fixed Safari issue where the date-picker would immediately close.
  • Number field
    • Fix for: not validating if min/max was 0
  • Previews:
    • Fixed issue where having a string value for a group causes previews to fail with no error
  • Auth:
    • Email validation accepts longer endings
  • Front Matter Templates
    • Fix for: editing a front matter template, and navigating to one of its pages caused git sync confusion.

Last updated on May 28, 2018