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2019/05/10 Changelog


  • Front Matter Templates: removing/renaming a template via git will now delete the template from Forestry.
  • Include Field
    • Validation: The FMT editing form now validates that all Include Fields reference front matter template that exist.
    • Display: When an Include field references a non-existent FMT a placeholder block will be shown to inform admins/develops of the error.
  • Blocks Field
    • Validation: The FMT editing form now validates that all templates listed in a Block Fields exist.
    • Adding Blocks: The blocks field dropdown disables any invalid template eferences when adding a new block to a page.
    • Display: If a block references a template that does not exist, a placeholder is shown explaining the problem.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating Documents/FMTs: We more robustly handle not-yet-comitted files. This fixed an issue where, under very precise timing, newly created documents and FMTs would not be committed to the repository.
  • Date Picker fixes: There were some issues with the datepicker behaving in unexpected ways when using a different export timezone (in general settings) from a user’s local timezone. There were also some issues using unexpected display & export date formats.

Forestry Roadmap

Do you have ideas about what Forestry should build next? We’d love to hear them! Checkout the our public roadmap portal to vote on upcoming features and submit your own request.

Last updated on May 10, 2019